Allen Davies are proud to introduce Victoria Park Mortgage Company as an official partner, here to help in the planning and arrangement of your mortgage and protection needs.

Victoria Park Mortgage Company aims to provide an all inclusive mortgage package by offering mortgages from ‘Whole of Market’ and insurances.*

By having access to the whole market, we can guarantee to find highly competitive interest rates and low costing associated insurances so you don’t have to.

Take this into account along with interest rates currently being at a very low level and you could be making a substantial saving on your new or existing mortgage deal.

Get a Mortgage that fits your needs!

Wherever you are in the UK we can help arrange your mortgage whether you are a first time buyer, a home mover or simply want to re mortgage.

You are advised to have a mortgage pre-approved before committing to a purchase. This will avoid any potential disappointment and unnecessary expense.

An estate agent and their vendor will also be reassured that you are in a position to obtain a mortgage which will put you in a favourable position.
Traditionally, as a guide, most lenders will give 4x joint income or up to 5x single income.

However more and more lenders are moving to affordability models to calculate your maximum borrowing and in certain circumstances this can result in mortgages available at even higher income multiples.
We know how difficult it is to get a mortgage that works for you. This is why our specialist team take the time to go through as much information as they can so that we provide our customers with all the facts. We can then provide a mortgage solution that bests suits the customers circumstances and needs.

Quality insurance packages that fit your needs!

Many people insure their car, home contents and even the pets, but forget about what’s most important; Protecting themselves, their family and children and their income. No one plans to die or become critically ill, but If something unforeseen happens it will be reassuring to know you have something in place so that in a difficult time, you don’t suffer financially.

There are many different types of insurances available to choose and it can become mind boggling on which ones you most need. Also choosing the wrong amount of cover or length of cover can be detrimental. That’s why Victoria Park Mortgage Company are here to help. To make sure your money is being best spent on the right level of cover, call us today for a review.

This provides a tax free lump sum payment in the event of your death or terminal illness.
This provides a tax free lump sum payment in the event of you being diagnosed with a qualifying condition e.g. heart attack, stroke, cancer and surviving 28 days. Please note not all forms of cancer, stroke and heart attack are covered by a critical illness policy.
This provides a monthly benefit to enable you continue to pay your mortgage and associated costs should you become unemployed or suffer an accident or sickness that prevents you from working for a short period of time e.g. a few months. These benefits are normally payable for up to 12 months.
This provides an ongoing monthly benefit in the event of a sickness or accident preventing you from working for an extended period of time. The benefits are normally payable until you either return to work, reach your retirement age, reach the end of the policy term or die, whichever comes first.
Your home is your most valuable asset. Without adequate and appropriate insurance you could be left with substantial repairs and replacement bills which could mean financial ruin or reduce the quality of your life.
*We offer insurance products from a selected panel of providers